“Nicole is one of my favorite people I have ever worked with, which shouldn’t be too surprising given that I’ve hired her three times on three different shows.  Her talent and creativity should be evident in the pictures of her designs, but what I love most about her is how much she cares, her work ethic and her perfectionism.  As a show-runner there are a lot of worries that keep me up at night, so it’s very helpful to know that wardrobe is one thing I don’t have to worry about, because Nicole will take care of it.”
— Michael Kaplan, Executive Producer

“Nicole Gorsuch is a wildly talented costume designer and gave our show its unique look immediately. As our characters grew, Nicole’s designs grew with them and she was instrumental in helping the audience lock on to who our characters were. It was a joy to work with her.”
— Michael Jacobs, Executive Producer

“I had the pleasure of working with Nicole over two full seasons of a show I co-created and simply put, Nicole “gets it.” I admired Nicole’s ability to anticipate our show’s needs and adapt in the moment when creative changes required it. Authenticity was a key wardrobe concern when we were making our hiring decision,  and Nicole presented us with options that gave the show an iconic look and feel that endured from pilot to the show’s final episode. I can’t recommend Nicole highly enough!”
— Ron Rappaport, Executive Producer

“Nicole Gorsuch is one of the most talented and reliable costume designers I have ever worked with.She truly ‘owns’ her title.  She’s got a great eye for fashion, color, and style.She works superbly with talent, exec producers, directors, and crew.She’s excellent with her budget and is a great leader of her department.  I would recommend her for any project.”
— Randy Cordray, Producer